Would you describe your shipping provider as cutting edge?
Our clients describe us that way.

At Point to Point, we lead the industry in cutting edge shipping practices and strategies.

We work with each client to gain a deeper understanding of their event needs. We then create custom solutions that save time, money and increase overall ROI.



Having an event in Vegas? No problem. We can help. Do you need to precisely coordinate your freight between multiple rooms, venues or cities? We can do it.

We have seasoned and dependable team members that deliver your items safely to your next destination - on time and exactly where you want them. This includes shipping items like Pelican cases that carry event supplies to your boxes of marketing giveaways.

We also ship your larger assets such as booths, banners, hanging signs, and furniture that must be delivered without damage so your company's booth can shine on that tradeshow floor.


Warehouse &

Do you have an upcoming road show and need to store your shipments in between cities?

We have a worldwide network of warehouses, so you can store your assets in strategic locations across the globe. Our experts work with you to ship and securely store your valuables in between events.

This saves time and money, so you do not have to continuously ship back to your company home base, which might be across the country or the world. We can also refurbish your event valuables, such as booths and furniture, so they look like new when they are shipped off to their next destination.



Not only can we help you plan and ship your event assets to their final destination, but we can also support you while you are there.

We provide onsite monitoring of all inbound and outbound shipments to that venue for the event. We monitor and track-down missing shipments and get those items to where they need to go so you can concentrate on running the event and not missing freight.

No one will ask you, "where's my stuff?" while our team is onsite. We can also coordinate complex freight moves within a venue or around a city.


Program Strategy & Technology

We consult with clients and help them develop a shipping strategy for their event and marketing programs. By mapping-out a long-term strategy of where assets are going and when, we can provide great value and savings, which positively impact the bottom line. We can even do an audit of your shipping services to see areas of cost savings and improvement.

Also available to clients are our custom tools specifically created with event needs in mind. Our Shipping Tool allows all exhibitors to register their packages for the event and precisely pin-point where their package needs to go within one venue or multiple locations. We can then actively monitor the status of the shipments and track them into or out of the venue - even if the exhibitor did not ship with us. The Client Portal is another tool created with event marketers to give them a high-level view of their shipments per event. It also allows them to drill down to the details such as location and delivery timing.

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